I like to write.

Well, I have been meaning to start my blog for a while. I've always like to write, but I am easily distracted so it's a challenge. I am sure I'll check emails, instagram, probably facebook a time or two while attempting to get this going. And when I say I like to write, I mean when I send an especially entertaining email to friends (and put in more that 2 - 4 lines) I love to go back and reread what I wrote, repeatedly.

I've been a designer my whole life. In doing research for this post (a.k.a. digging through boxes to find my Creative Writing notebook from highschool) I ran across a few 'vintage' examples of my work.

Whether it be crayons or construction paper, I've always had a flair for design.

As you can see by my first publication cover:

This is a rare first edition, circa 1st - 3rd grade, hand construction. I was much more concerned about the visual than typography, going for a very 'I-just-did-this' feel. I'm pretty impressed by my own styling of the letters as food items. Check out that radish, devil's vegetable.

Then we get into the guts. Even then, I was more about the visual impact rather than the copy. I needed a good copywriter or editor to really bring this one to it's full potential. Those positions hadn't been filled in elementary school. You will notice however, I did receive an 'A'. Winning, at such a young age.

And I nailed the Milk Group. Check out the use of stock photography. Nothing but the best in my projects.

Like I said, I've always been a designer, a creative soul, a fine artist. For my first post, I'll leave with this gem - my first self portrait. Look at that adorable signature "What do you think you will look like in 20 years?" self-portrait. Clearly, destined for greatness..

I look nothing like that though I am totally down with the amazing eyelashes, not necessarily dash-shaved eyebrows. Not sure which I was going for...

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